2016....I had a great time in Ireland where I met up with NZ poet Dame Fiona Kidman and Belfast playwright producer, Martin Lynch. My sessions on first novel and latest novel Benevolence went very well. I wrote award winning poem under Benbulbin where Yeats wrote his poems. Very inspiring....

Julie received an Australia Council grant to travel to Ireland for the Listowel Writers Festival 2016 .also to the Belfast Book Week where she presented her work. Also Julie received the Oodgeroo Noonuccal indigenous Prize for Poetry in 2016.


Australia Council  February –July B R Whiting Studio, Trastevere, Italy I arrived at the B R Whiting Studio in a cold February 2013. The apartment is in Trastevere near the railway station. The Australian artist Lorri Whiting gave the apartment as a gift to the Australia Council for writers and poets to use as a fellowship residence. It was cold but beautiful in Rome. Grey skies and occasional sunny days. We ate on the spacious deck over looking the yellow and orange apartment houses. From the rear window we could see the Aventine Hill and the church of the Knights of Malta. Homeless people from Romania, Bangladesh and Poland begged on every street. 

I created a writing space on a table in the corner of the lounge dining room. I commenced the next draft of my novel: "The Crocodile Hotel". I worked for 6 months and created several drafts, and was able to carry out further changes with the support of an editor in Australia.

This was a productive period for the completion of “The Crocodile Hotel”. I worked solidly for the first two months with little contact with Italian or other European writers and academics. This resulted in a prolific and creative period but it was isolating and a little lonely. I worked through email with an Australian editor, Brigitte Staples, on final drafts.

I went to Hungary to present a seminar and it was very engaging as I was able to represent Australia in Hungary and give a reading of my work at an Australian Studies Centre in Debrecen. I presented a seminar on Australian Indigenous writing at the University of Debrecen in late February 2013. The academic who facilitated the visit was Dr Gabriella Espak  Assistant Professor Australian Studies Regional Network.  www.australianstudies. Australian studies centres can be found in Poland, Spain, Hungary and other countries, they welcome visiting Australian writers.